100 Elixir Tips

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100 curated Elixir tips.

Elixir knowledge in small bits

I have been publishing one daily Elixir tip for the last couple of months in my Twitter account and found it a great way to highlight Elixir elegance and expressivity using short, easy-to-understand examples.

Distilled by me

I crafted each tip to showcase a feature of the language that I find interesting, elegant, and funny.

Organized knowledge.

You can get them all together and professionally edited in this useful book.

What it contains

  • You'll get all the 75 tips I have published so far in my Twitter account

  • You'll get 25 new, unpublished tips

Example tips

Getting the minimum and the maximum of a list:

Recursion in Elixir:

About the book

I have been writing Elixir tips for a while in my Twitter account, but after a while, I found that it was hard to go back and find a specific example using Twitters search bar.

This book collects all my tips in a single place that you can use as a reference and that is easily searchable.

About me

I am a Software Engineer with almost 20 years of experience.

I work as an Elixir backend engineer by day and I write books by night.

You can find me on Twitter

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100 Elixir Tips

14 ratings