Deploying Elixir

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The most comprehensive set of guides to deploy your Elixir application to Production

Master Elixir Releases

Releases are the modern way to deploy your Elixir application. In this book, I'll show you how to create a Release from your Elixir project.

Containerize using Docker

Docker is the industry standard to containerize software for deploying. I'll show you how to put your Elixir/Phoenix application inside Docker.

Deploy to world-class service providers

Nowadays you have a plethora of options to deploy Elixir to production using service providers that handle the complexity and scaling of your application for you.

In addition to showing you how to deploy an Elixir Release by itself using your own servers, I'll show you how to deploy to:

  • Any service that supports Docker

  • Digital Ocean



  • Gigalixir

  • Heroku

Included in the book

  • More than 70 pages in PDF and ePub formats

  • detailed instructions to dockerize an Elixir/Phoenix application

  • instructions to deploy your application to the most popular SaaS platforms that support Elixir

  • access to the source code of the examples for you use

Source code included

All the source code in the guides is open source under the MIT license, so you can use it and adapt it to your specific scenarios.

About the book

I have been writing about Elixir for a long time. This book initially was a series of articles in my blog, but for this eBook edition I have added NEW, BONUS content:

Deploying to Heroku

This chapter is ONLY available in the eBook version and will never be published on the blog so this is your opportunity to read it.

About me

I am a Software Engineer with almost 20 years of experience in private companies and in the government. I have programmed in backend and frontend systems, and I have crashed production systems affecting all users in all of Latin America. Still, I learned from my mistakes. I always learn and share what I learn. I love to share my knowledge. I will always share.

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Deploying Elixir

18 ratings